Family Finest Take 2 Bake Breadsticks

Take 2 Bake Breadsticks

Bring the fresh-from-the-oven-taste to your family’s dinner table with our soft and chewy Take 2 Bake Breadsticks. When you combine the fresh taste from the deli with our quality ingredients, you don’t just get breadsticks, you get deli-licious Take 2 Bake Breadsticks.

Family Finest Take 2 Bake Breadsticks are a perfect companion to salads, soups, casseroles and, of course, our Take-N-Bake Pizzas. For that fresh bakery taste right in your own home, try 'em in Traditional Italian or Cheezy Garlic ... both in the Deli Case of your favorite grocery store. We're fresh and ready when you are ... pick some up today and enjoy tonight!

Try Both Delicious Varieties

Traditional Italian Breadsticks:

These traditional Italian breadsticks have a delicious parmesan cheese topping and a rich buttery garlic sauce.

Cheezy Garlic Breadsticks:

Comes topped with a delectable 100% real mozzarella cheese blend and buttery garlic sauce.

Family Finest Take 2 Bake Italian Breadsticks