Family Finest Take N Bake Pizzas

How to Bring Back the Family Dinner ...

Bring back the family dinner with Family Finest

... and Make it Stick!

When Monday through Friday becomes a blur and your family calendar looks like the inside of a circus tent with color coding galore, it’s time to take a breath and re-center. We're bringing back the family dinner!

We know you're busy, but the benefits of sitting down to reconnect with family over delicious food at the end of the day are too good to ignore. Research has found that for young children, dinnertime conversation boosts vocabulary even more than being read aloud to at night. For the older kiddos, regular mealtime is an even more powerful indicator of high achievement scores than time spent in school, doing homework, playing sports or creating art.

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So, how do you rally the troops for family dinner? Follow these three simple tips:

1. Plan it: If all the running around between ballet class and band practice makes sitting down for dinner every night a struggle, set aside two or three nights per week.

Once you get into the groove of things, you can bet you’ll be looking forward to the nights when everyone gathers 'round the table ... Especially when Family Finest Flatbread Artisan Pizza is involved!

2. Share the work: On those scheduled family dinner nights, have a rotation of who cooks or who cleans up. That way, there is a fair system in place, and no one gets stuck doing all of the dirty work. Make dinner time a team effort!

3. Make it easy on yourself: Find recipes for dinner that are easy to fit into everyone’s busy schedule. Family Finest Take-N-Bake Pizzas are fresh for the taking and a delicious blank canvas just waiting for your creativity! Get the kids involved in adding their favorite toppings. Your family dinner will soon turn into family bonding time!

Get tips on how to make a killer pizza bar here!

How to make a killer pizza bar with Family Finest

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Family Finest Take-N-Bake Pizzas

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